Comparing and Contrasting Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism


Perhaps you noticed that the Crusades are explained as a war between religions: Christian vs. Muslim. There were many other factors that contributed to the Crusades: land, power, money, and politics, but religion seems to be the most obvious reason. We need to make some explanations and connections between three religions in the Middle East: Christian, Muslim, and Judaism. We might also look at Buddhism in this comparison since you examined it in your last module on Japan.


MAKING CONNECTIONS TASK: Finding commonalities between religions


1. Split into pairs.

2. Visit teacher for assigned religion.

2. Print out the World Religions Worksheet for you and your partner from the sidebar "Handouts".

3. Visit the links below to find the answers for your assigned religion:


4. Complete the Handout with your partner.

5. Bring your completed handout to Dialogue Center.

6. In Dialogue Center, complete either the Venn Diagram or the Compare/Contrast Chart together.

7. In Dialogue Center, make note of the commonalities between the religions.