The purpose of this page is to make some connections between the people that live in the Middle East-how they live, what they eat, what they wear, what they look like, what religions they follow, etc. Because this is a "Making Connections" page, we do not want to work too hard. Therefore, we will divide and share the labor!

First, let's look at how Middle Eastern culture might differ from the American culture.

1. Define collectivism and individualism.

2. Which definition do you think fits America's culture?

3. What is your opinion of each? Which do you think is better?

4. Do you think your opinions might influence how your react to Middle Eastern culture?


TASK #1: Completing the Culture Chart


1. Print a copy of the culture chart from the "Handout" sidebar.

2. Get the name of the country you need to research from your teacher.

3. Use the links below to complete the information for your country.

4. If you cannot find the answer, or want additional information, you may do a "google" search.

5. Be prepared to share your information in Dialogue Center.

An elementary school link with good, basic descriptions

The site-explore the many links within

A link describing people in Jordan

A link describing people in Egypt

A link describing people in Iraq

A link describing people in Qatar

A link describing people in Saudi Arabia

A link describing people in Israel

A site examining cultures in the Middle East

TASK #2: Check for Understanding-Connections Between Cultures


1. After our Dialogue Center Discussion, look at the Comparison Chart the class created.

2. Decide which Middle Eastern Countries are the MOST alike (most commonalities) and which are MOST different (most dissimilarities).

3. Open a new Word Document and call it "Connections Between Cultlures".

4. Write on paragraph describing the countries that are most alike. (It's easy: 1. state your thesis, 2. provide your proof or reasons.)

5. Write one paragraph describing the countries that are most different.

 6. Print out your paragraphs and bring to Dialogue Center to share your ideas.