Demonstrating Your Understanding




You are going to write and present an editorial on the TMS News about the best way toward achieving peace in the Middle East-between Israel and Palestine, between the West and the Middle Eastern countries. We will videotape your editorial opinion, just like the nightly news!

First, we need to get current information about what is happening in countries in that area. Visit the following news links and select the tab for World News. Read the stories, watch the videos and get up to date information on events in the Middle East.






FINAL TASK: Demonstrating Your Understanding


1. Using all your background knowledge and expertise, think of what people need to do to achieve peace in the geographic area known as the Middle East.

2. Type up your ideas or plan for peace (your thesis) in a Word Document and save it as "Editorial Draft" in your "Middle East" folder.

3. Under your thesis, list (using bullets) the reasoning behind your thinking. You reasons need to be based on what you've learned in the module. Therefore, you should be able to use an historical reason from the Crusades and the Holocaust. a reason based on your knowledge of Zionism, a reason or two based on your knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, and a reason or two based on religion.

4. Type up a conclusion, using what you know makes a good conclusion. Your conclusion must not only summarize your reasons, or arguments, but include "call to action" or a "insigtful observation or judgement". Use this link if needed.

5. Print out your "Editorial Draft" so your teacher can offer help and ideas.

6. Save your "Editorial Draft" as (use the "Save As" feature) "Editorial Draft2".

7. Find, copy, and paste quotes that support your reasoning, or arguments. Make sure to include the url.

8. Write a strong introduction for your editorial. Use this link if needed.

9. Print out your "Editorial Draft2" and give it to your teacher for help and ideas.

10. Save your "Editorial Draft2" as (use the "Save As" feature) "Final Draft"

11. Read your "Final Draft" aloud and make changes needed for clarity and ease of reading.

12. Videotape yourself in class reading your editorial as if on the Nightly News.