EVALUATE: The Debrief

Evaluating Your Work & Assessing What You Learned




1. Copy and paste the debrief questions below onto a word document and save it as "Debrief" in your "Middle East" folder.

2. Answer the twelve debrief questions completely (ACADEMIC and PROCESS)

3. Print out your debrief and bring to Dialogue Center.



1. Print out the final scoring rubric from the "Handout" sidebar.

2. Score your work for each of the criteria by circling the appropriate column.

3. Give the completed rubric to your teacher.




1. Why has there been so much conflict in this geographical area?

2. What conditions, people, or events have exacerbated the conflicts?

3. What conditions, people, or events have stifled the conflicts?

4. How do the culture and traditions of Israel and Palestine differ from each other and those in the United States?   From those of the Far East?  

5. How might those differences interfere with the peace process?

6. How have Mideastern traditions and culture changed to adapt to the 21st Century?



7. What information that you learned in this module surprise you the most?

8. What skills did you learn or improve during this module?

9. What information or skills did you learn or improve that you think you will use again?

10. What was the most difficult part of this module?

11. What was the easiest part of this module?

12. What would you do to improve this module?