Developing our Understanding-Task #1: Finding the "What?"

While civilization in the Middle East has been around, some say, since the beginning of mankind in the Garden of Eden, we'll start our exploration of the Middle East in the time of the Middle Ages. When did Europeans (Westerners) first encounter people in the Middle East? What was that encounter like?


TASK #1: "What were the Crusades?"


1. Open a new word document and call it "The Crusades" and save it in your "Middle East" folder.

2. Copy and paste the question "What were the Crusades?" to the top of your Word document.

3. Visit the link below to find the answer to the question.

Middle Ages.org

4. Choose the sentences that answer the question best (Hint: they start with "The Crusades were.....") and copy and paste those sentences onto your document.

5. Under the sentences, copy and paste the url.

6. Under the url, answer the question "What were the Crusades?" in your own words.

7. Be prepared to discuss your response in Dialogue Center.