Developing our Understanding-Task #5: Finding the "Why?" and "How?"



TASK #5: "Why were the Crusades fought? How were they fought?"


1. Open your word document "The Crusades".

2. Copy and paste the questions: "Why were the Crusades fought? How were they fought?" on the document, below your TASK #4 work.

3. Visit the links below to find the answers to the questions.

How Stuff Works

New Advent.org



History for Kids


4. Choose the information that best answers the questions and copy and paste it onto your word document "The Crusades". Make sure your information answers the questions completely. (Hint: Keep in mind that when answering a "why?" question, you should have the word "because" in your response. Also, the question "how" they fought could be answered by describing some of the weapons and techniques used.)

5. Under your answers, copy and paste the urls that you used. There are many sites for this TASK #5, so be sure to identify the correct url for each piece of information you copied and pasted.

6. Under the urls, copy, paste, and answer the following questions: "In your opinion, was the purpose (the why?) of the Crusades achieved? Why do you believe this?"

7. Be prepared to discuss your responses in Dialogue Center.