In your final project, it's your job to plan and write a short story of your own, then explain how you used your knowledge about setting, Kid writer.jpgplot, and character to make it a strong work of fiction. I will be grading you on your planning and attempt to think like an author, but I will not be grading you on how strong your fiction writing is. (However, if you would like to develop your work later and publish it, talk to me.)



1. Plan your story. Fill out the planning portion of your story, which I've attached as part of the handout called "My Short Story." Save this handout to your "Short Stories" folder before you start to fill it out. This will allow you to focus on key elements of the story and outline the plot.

2. Write your first draft. Write your story on your handout, focusing on including all of the elements you planned. If you decide to change an element of your story, that's OK. Just make sure that you include all of the elements we've discussed in this story.

3. Proofread your story. Use the rubric (included in your "My Short Story" handout) to make sure you have all of the elements necessary, and check for proper capitalization, contractions, and complete sentences.