There is this library that has all this instructions on how to do practically everything you could possibly want or need to do. Want to build a car? No problem!... Bake a a carrot cake? Sure!... Fight a cold? Got it!...Find directions to go to and from the mall? Easy!... The list can go on forever. Let's say that you are going to build a bicycle for your cousin.

But there are a couple catches...


FIRST: This library is your only source of information. No Google, internet, or anyone else to ask. Your only source of information is the library.

SECOND: You cannot take the books out of the library. If you want instructions for something, find the book that has the information, make a copy of the section of the book, and then take the copy with you- the book stays.

THIRD: When you go back and look at the copy, it turns out your instructions have chunks of other instructions mixed with the ones you really want! Now you are gonna have to take your copy, cut it in pieces, tape together the ones you need, and throw away the ones you don't.

Now you are ready to build your bicycle! Well, not quite... You will also need:

Not so simple anymore, right? Seems like it would take a lot of work -and a lot of space- to put together this bike!!! Now imagine that you would have to follow this process many times everyday to get everything you need to survive (when you need clothes, medicine, a bed, or anything...)


What if I told you that this is exactly what happens in every one of the tiny little cells that you have in your body? Well, they don't build bicycles, but they build proteins, which in turn build, muscles, skin, hair, and pretty much everything you are made of!!!


Lets watch this video of what goes on inside a cell just to give you an idea...

Amazing, isn't it?

Can you believe that all those things actually are found and happen inside a little tiny cell? And to think that cells are so small you can not see them without the use of special equipment.

Let's see what things look like from a different perspective- a microscope perspective.