Chapter 5: Conflict: What is the relationship between decisions and consequences?



Activity 1: Mystery- become Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery. Who is after the pearl? Why?mystery4834y.gif



Activity 2: Create a word document glossary and add the following:

Chapter 5:

1.rage, 2.plunge, 3.curdled, 3.exhilaration, 4. Edifice, 5.leprosy


Activity 3: 1) Read chapter 5. 2) Use information from chapters 1-5 and complete conflict chart.


 Activity 4: Using the novel The Pearl as well as your conflict chart

  1. Identify a conflict from story
  2. Identify the type of conflict (external: man vs. man /internal: man vs. himself)
  3. Explain how the conflict arise and how it was resolved
  4. Illustrate/ draw the conflict